I was born and raised in Flagstaff. The Veterinary field has always called me. It has been my dream to become a Veterinarian since I was little. I realized a long time ago that a pet to many people isn’t just a pet and an animal isn’t just an animal, the pet could be someone’s whole world or a child’s best friend, the animal could be a tool that someone depends on for their way of life. I like to think that Veterinary medicine isn’t just about helping the animal but also helping the entire family. I am currently a student at NAU, from there I plan on applying to vet school. I enjoy shed hunting, mudding, being outdoors, horseback riding, and much more! Currently I have five dogs, four horses and two birds. My dogs’ names are Tauriel, Fenris, Rex, Dixie, and Swiffer. My horses are Aspen, Misty, Baby Girl, and Little one. And finally, my birds are R2 and Umby. In 5 years, I plan to be at least half way through vet school. And still enjoying every bit that goes into Veterinary Medicine!