It’s not just that we care, it’s how we care. We empower pet owners. We take the time to educate you about the deeper issues behind your pet’s emergency. We take the time to teach you about the road ahead. That knowledge can be deeply powerful. In fact, it can save lives.

The Best Tech

Providing the best veterinary care in Northern Arizona requires uncommon tools. Here, you will find technology that is usually reserved for world-class human hospitals. From Northern Arizona’s only CT Scanner, to advanced diagnostics, to cutting edge treatments, here, you will find the future of veterinary medicine. Because we believe in bridging the gap between gold-standard human medicine and gold-standard veterinary medicine. After all, the love that you share with your pet deserves no less.

The Best Medicine

When you put the best tools in the right hands, special things happen for your pet’s veterinary care. To us, that matters. Every single pet we see is our mission. When you bring your pet to us, no matter what shape they are in, they are our priority. We have trained our entire careers to get to this point: to make sure that they have the best care they could get anywhere. This is a new standard of veterinary medicine. Because when your pet is family, nothing less will do.

After all, what drives us is a belief in changing lives. A belief in saving lives. A belief in providing the best care there is to every pet, every time. And when you entrust your pet to us, you know you will get no less.

Making a Difference

We had to bring our big boy Great Dane in last weekend for a limp. It was our first time working with this facility and they were AMAZING!!! Genuine concern, highest standard of care, no extra charges, and quick service. While I hope we don’t need an emergency vet again anytime soon, I’m so thankful we have this special clinic in our community. Thank you for taking such good care of our fur baby.


Had to take our weimaraner in on Saturday morning, Dr. Wassef and the entire staff were very caring and competent!! We had thought she was having problems with her hind legs, however, upon examination he noticed her stomach was bloated. Turned out she was in serious risk of twisted stomach, his treatment plan was successful and after a very scary weekend, she is home and well! We could not be more grateful for his attention to detail and care. Thanks for saving our Bella!!!


An excellent facility with highly trained and knowledgeable staff. The VESCONA team always puts the patient first, and are caring and empathetic. They understand that our pets are truly a part of the family. I would highly recommend VESCONA for any of your veterinary emergencies!


A wonderful and compassionate doc and staff. My cat Stormy was severally injured and he received the best care. I drove here from Show Low Az late at night. What an amazing, loving place. For the work they had to do on my cat, their prices were fantastic. You just don’t get a better vet! Thank you to everyone at Veterinary Emergency. Because of you, Stormy is well and alive.


Dr. Wassef and his team are so very amazing!!! So grateful for their honest explanation of costs and risks, their dedication, and all the love they gave my sweet Yota!!
Dr. Wassef solved a problem I’d spent thousands of dollars trying to resolve with his previous vet while Yota’s health only continued to decline.
Glad I trusted my intuition and went to Dr. Wassef! And grateful Yota’s mass of hairbands finally shifted to cause a complete blockage at a time and place when I could find the right man to do the job!
I would trust Dr. Wassef and his team with anything, and Yota always gets the best!!
Thanks again for everything; I cannot express how happy I am!