Snake Bites

Signs differ depending on the type and size of the snake, the season, the location of the bite and the severity of the bite.


  • Fang puncture wounds usually on the head, neck or limb.
  • Pain and swelling of the bite area with severe bruising.
  • Breathing difficulties.
  • Paralysis with certain snake species.

First Aid: Seek veterinary attention immediately.

Insect or Spider Bites

Insects (bees, wasps, earwigs) or spiders (black widows, brown recluse) can cause localized effects and/or generalized signs of an allergic reaction. Often, by the time you realize a problem, the biting insect has already flown or crawled away, so that a presumptive diagnosis and treatment protocol is often instituted by the veterinarian.


  • Localized redness, swelling and pain
  • Lameness
  • Salivation
  • Signs of allergic reaction
    Breathing difficulties

First Aid: Seek veterinary attention immediately.

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Normal Values


Temperature: 99.5-102.5
Pulse: 80-140
Respirations (breaths/min): 14-40

Temperature: 100-102.5
Pulse: 150-180
Respirations (breaths/min): 20-40