The veterinarian will examine the injured limb and perform the necessary radiographs for evaluation. The sooner proper treatment is initiated, the sooner pain management can begin, infections kept under control, and healing can progress. Surgery may or may not be indicated.

Closed-fracture - Broken bone(s) with no puncture through the skin
Open fracture - Broken bone(s) with bones protruding through the skin


  • Non-weight bearing on one leg.
  • See the bone protruding through the skin.
  • Extremely painful in one leg.
  • Abnormal positioning of the leg.

First Aid:Transfer to a veterinary facility immediately.

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Normal Values


Temperature: 99.5-102.5
Pulse: 80-140
Respirations (breaths/min): 14-40

Temperature: 100-102.5
Pulse: 150-180
Respirations (breaths/min): 20-40