Calo, a 7 year-old, spayed female dog, sharpie mix.

When Calo was less than a month from her 7th birthday, she became still and quiet. She had been on a run with her owner and that evening was reluctant to jump on the couch. By the next morning, she couldn’t stand up and her rear legs were doing the splits. She was rushed to surgery forty-eight hours later and the surgeon was very pessimistic. He characterized her spinal lesion as a splatter disc and said that the high velocity disc extrusion had caused her spinal cord to turn black from lack of blood supply. He predicted that she would never walk again. Little did he know that Calo was not like any dog he had ever seen before.

Calo’s owners, Lynn and Suzanne, were determined to give her every chance for recovery. They were not about to have her euthanized or put her in a wheelchair.

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