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Alex 350x425Alex was born in Tucson Arizona and grew up in Conroe Texas. He moved to flagstaff when He was 13 years old. He is a graduate from Coconino High School.  Alex is happily married, and has an amazing little boy named Zander. Growing up he always knew he wanted to work with animals, when he was younger he wanted to be a marine biologist. He shares his home with my four dogs.  Sophie an eight-month-old Boston Terrier, Apollo Creed a five-year-old Pit bull, Missy Mae a three-year-old Pit Bull, and Roxanne a fifteen-year-old Springer Spaniel.

Before coming to VESCONA, he worked at Alpine Animal Clinic where he was a veterinarian technician for two and a half years. This is his first time working in emergency medicine which gives him the opportunity to learn more and see more than he would in a general practice. His favorite part about his job is caring for animals and learning new things. When he is outside of work he loves spending time with his family and animals. He also likes boxing and has been training since he was 14 years old. Alex’s favorite place to travel to is Texas because his family is there. He would like to travel to Hawaii one day and have a nice vacation with his family. His favorite part of veterinary medicine is learning about the medication and how it benefits the patient.  His hero is is father, he showed him what it means to work hard and support his family. My go to karaoke song would have to be “My girl” by the Temptations. Growing up his favorite subject in school was math and history, math was easy and fun. He loved learning about ancient civilization.

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