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HannahHannah Schumacher is a Senior at Northern Arizona University. She is currently studying biology and has a minor in criminal justice. She hopes to further her career and become a veterinarian, having loved animals all her life.

Hannah was born in Payson and grew up in Phoenix but when she was 15 her family moved to Hawaii (her step father was in the Navy). While in Hawaii her family rescued their first puppy from the animal shelter and his name is Kona. He is a Lab mix who is super sweet but has a lot of anxiety. She loved living in Hawaii because it showed her a new cultural side and introduced her family to delicious food. Also, in Hawaii she met her husband and they are got married in May. When she started at NAU her freshmen year she started volunteering at the Coconino Humane Society. During the second semester of her freshmen year she and her husband rescued their girl Maya from the humane society. She is a playful two-year-old Australian cattle dog mix. She still volunteers at the humane society.

Hanna is the oldest of four siblings and has two brothers and a sister. She loves to swim and just be outdoors when she is not working. One of her favorite things to do is go out and drive around Arizona, and among her favorite places to visit is Sedona. Her favorite sports teams are the Arizona Dbacks and the San Antonio Spurs. Her favorite food would be spaghetti and chocolate but not at the same time! Her favorite animal is the panther and she would love to work with animals in a zoo. Hanna started working at VESCONA in November. She is excited for the opportunity to work for and experience life at a veterinary clinic.

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